Samstag, 5. Mai 2007

jane´s walk

The late Jane Jacobs, author and urban activist, is honored in her home town Toronto with the introduction of the official "Jane Jacobs Day" on May 4th. Following today is the "Jane´s Walk", a tour through some of Toronto´s neighborhoods. The idea behind that is to "... reinforce her idea of walkable, dense, compact and diverse neighbourhoods as the hallmarks of a healthy city. These characteristics help knit together the people of a neighborhood into a strong and resourceful community."

Jane Jacobs is the acclaimed author of "The death and life of great american Cities", the first of fundamental books on cities, on how they work, how they change. She saw the urban world as a complex place where you couldn't think in straight lines, you had to think in contexts.

Jane Jacob´s Homepage
Interview with James Kunstler
Interview with Steward Brand

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