Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2007

questions we are receiving

not top notch but raw and ready!

Yes, we all know Sproutbau is not top luxury, but in what conditions are the appartments - and will there be water/electricity?

The appartments are worn down but allright. There are pvc floors, sometimes strange wall papers and other times strange smells. We are reserving the best apparmtents for to live in, so actually those are quite nice. They have fluent water (only cold water!) and electricity and everyone will receive their own door lock to secure your belongings. Each appartment has a balcony and occasionally there is a stove.

What we call studios will be your work place. These appartments are in lesser shape but offer you a separation of work/living space.

We are planning to get everyone a sleeping place (bed, mattrass), a chair, a table, the most basic things. There will be a furniture room where you can pick up other pieces to accommodate your needs. We plan to have more comfort in the common areas, like the eating place and the Lounge. What you need to bring yourself is your own bedding (sleeping bag, pillow) and whatever you think you can´t do without.

Garden Area
We have our own garden! At the very moment it looks quite awful as they just removed the playground. Also since the building is empty people from the area
started removing fences and wood pieces for their own purposes (and who could blame them) which makes the place look . Anyone interested in gardening and/or designing a temporary garden, this will be your field!

Please write to us if you have more questions or concerns!

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