Sonntag, 22. Juli 2007


There will be two days each week designated for the Sproutuniversity. Either in the forenoon, the afternoon or in the evening. The Sproutuniversity includes workshops and seminars from the participants (Open Space Method) and seminars and talks from external speakers. We were wondering what times would you think would fit best with this concept. A strong argumente pro weekends is that it might be easier for external speakers to come and give a seminar - as well as for external visitors wanting to take part. A strong argument pro weekdays is that weekends are often used for other occupations and events, so that this would interfere with the University.

Take a click and vote! Every visitor has one vote regardless of participation in Sproutbau.

What are the best days for Sproutuniversity?
Saturday, Sunday - forenoon
Saturday, Sunday - afternoon
Saturday, Sunday - evening
Tuesday, Wednesday - forenoon
Tuesday, Wednesday - afternoon
Tuesday, Wednesday - evening

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