Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007

who is in?


By now we have notified most applicants. There are still a few pending projects, depending on "spending". Perhaps we can work things out. We may already have stretched our financial limits, but we are still optimistic. We believe the power of people will make Sproutbau a great project, a vital experience for all.

We want to thank everyone who has applied. There were so many great ideas and people, it was hard to make a decision. What it proves though again and again, is that there are many people out there with a desire to re-think living conditions, people who have ideas regarding intentional communities (and who already live alternative life-styles), people who demand space for creative processes and are ready to fill that in.

We also want to thank those who helped the project emerge: namely the GEWOBA, the owner of the building, who so generously handed us the keys and helps us out whereever they can. Thank you Herr Schumann, Herr Renziehausen, Herr Bühring and Herr Akabay. We promise to stop calling you every week soon.

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