Sonntag, 13. Mai 2007


We already had quite a few applications and it is exiting to read about project ideas and to imagine them come alive in the Sproutbau. Infact there are two ideas I am totally enthralled with. One thing that is noticable though is that so far most projects have little to do with autonomous or sustainable living - which is why we want to encourage more people to focus on those aspects! How could you express your utopia artistically? Our interest is to see in what ways we can use the given structures of a multi-storey building to make it more functional for us. We are talking solar power, green fields within the building - ideas that foster communication between neighbours and cooperations regarding food, transportation, etx. As an example: someone from our team plans to have a goat on her veranda. Not only are goats supposed to increase your life expectancy (yes, they make you happy!), but they also supply you with milk. Natural food suppliance is a big factor when discussing alternative life-styles.

What kind of alternatives would you want to integrate in your life?
We´d love to hear from you!

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