Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

first june tour

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20 people roaming around Sproutbau. We begann the tour by showing some of the communal space and from there entering the garden. Sproutbau is a massive building, best seen from here, not really that high but wide spread and eerie with so many balconies where you don´t know whether someone still lives behind there. The houses holds back the breath of a recently abandoned person. People are usually surprised at the green surroundings and the rather spacious appartments.

We moved on from there entering the left side building, walking all way up to our coming "Lounge". This is a top level veranda space for chilling out, or discussions, evening entertainment. The weird architecture makes it possible to have balcony conversations with neighbours facing each other. The spiral staircase got praise.

Next stop was the middle building that we consider our working field. Here people will receive enough space to work on their individual projects. We showed different types of appartments, including the roof top for the cinema. Finally everyone gathered at the Sproutbau headquarter for a cup of coffee and cookies to aks questions and introduce themselves.

Thanks for coming, everyone. If you want to send in your photos or comments, please do!

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