Samstag, 1. September 2007

white flat

A flat in all shades of white. An inhabitant who hardly ever talks. Where she comes from, nobody knows.

She starts cleaning, a thorough removal of all traces, strict and determined. Everything gets covered with a layer of paint – floor, table, books, pictures, walls – everything. Is this a way to get rid off memories? What you cannot see does not exist. She paints towards the state of purest white and innocence. A story about the attempt of forgetting.

White to the very last detail: She drinks milk, water, white wine. She eats pasta, rice, white bread, cream cheese, asparges. She wears a white skirt, white blouse, white socks and white shoes. (Only her lipstick is of a bright red.)

She doesn’t like people. Hardly ever she tries to socialize; usually she prefers to retire to the white silence of her flat.

Notes from her diary / reactions of guests

number 12 giggled
number 13 said cold piece of art
number 14 closed the door
then the door opened again by itself.
number 24 asked questions.
number 25 left footsteps behind.
number 26 saw different colours of white.
number 30 ate tictac
the first guest of the evening became silent and said thank you
a young man sniffed at the lily
a tall blonde man marches by and says AHA
a man completely out of breath says he doesn’t have time and keeps on running
a girl in a hoodie says you look cool –
she doesn’t lift her feet when she walks.
an old man carries along a spade.
the returning guest eats unboiled rice and talks about growing old.

The White Flat is an inhabited installation by Frauke Materlik.

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