Freitag, 29. Februar 2008



Over the weekend of February 16/17th Linda stopped by in Bremen to pick up her paintings. Together we went to see the remains of the Sproutbau. There was little left but a huge field of rubbles, which was especially sad for Linda, as she had hoped to get an idea of what the building looked like and where her paintings were installed.

We climbed over the many stones to the one room that fiercefully kept standing. To our surprise this was also the only room we never could get into while the Sproutbau was still alive and standing.

There were tables and chairs in the secret room. And someone had left a scarf. Now the only thing still unrevealed is whether there existed 7 hidden storage rooms in the basement that were full of collected items. Some rumors just have to live on...


Anonym hat gesagt…

that´s so sad!

Daniel Schnier hat gesagt…

so. next project in barcelona! where is the happy band of japan? sproutbau-baby friedemann aka bärbel is on earth.