Freitag, 19. Oktober 2007

last resident out

Sproutbau´s last resident has finally left the broken palace and moved into his new flat. The past month he had spent there without any comfort of hot water and radiation, but with almost nightly visitors roaming the building in search for useful materials. Buten & Binnen had a report on it last Tuesday. You can watch it here. Scroll all the way down!

Also here is a newspaper clip from the Bremer Anzeiger. My favorite part is this little snippet:
He gained new hope through an art project in September . Architects and artists turned his building into the "Sproutbau" so that life was returning. "Those were really great young people", says Dohms. "They should have established a students´hostel way earlier..."

Students´hostel... :) ... oh well... we love you Mr. Dohms! Keep up the spirit!